We prepare valuations based on the specific requirements of our clients and for different purposes, such as sale and purchase, financing, accounting, or portfolio management.

Our reports are prepared in accordance with the relevant international and national standards (e.g. RICS Red Book, IVS, BauGB, ImmoWertV, or BelWertV) in German or English language.

In addition to the preparation of expert reports, real estate advisory is an integral part of our business. We determine the content and extent of individual advisory assignments together with our clients.

If special technical or market expertise is required for an assignment, we collaborate with competent and reliable cooperation partners from Germany and abroad on a project-related basis.


We support our clients with sound assessments and reports in accordance with international and national valuation standards in various tasks, such as financing, buying or selling decisions.

Our Mortgage Lending Valuations are prepared by a CIS HypZert (F) certified valuer; they meet the specific requirements of lenders and are recognized by German regulators. By creating independent, comprehensible and reliable valuation reports, we enable our clients to achieve real estate financing at favourable conditions.

As part of an investment due diligence, we support our clients with qualified valuations and comprehensive advice on real estate. This comprises the identification of the value-related characteristics of a property or a portfolio, their correct interpretation, as well as the accurate assessment of the relevant real estate market. We therefore enable our clients to determine an adequate purchase price.

When applying our expertise in a sales process, we ensure that our clients do not sell their assets below the achievable prices on the market. We provide an accurate assessment of the potential sales price based on our long-standing advisory experience in real estate transaction processes.

Valuations for public institutions, such as tax authorities or courts, are drawn up by a valuer who is publicly appointed and sworn-in for the relevant field.

An international market value report is a report that uses international valuation methods, such as the discounted cash flow or the investment methods. The scope of a market value appraisal includes detailed descriptions, comprehensive calculations, and detailed explanations.

The Professional Standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS Red Book), and the Standards of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC White Book) serve as valuation basis.

Due to their international reputation, market value reports are often commissioned by foreign and internationally active investors.

Our international market value reports are prepared by RICS Registered Valuers.

A national market valuation report according to the German Building Code (Baugesetzbuch, BauGB) is a comprehensive report based on the German legal framework (Immobilienwertermittlungsverordnung, ImmoWertV). It contains detailed descriptions and calculations, as well as a comprehensive photo documentation. The calculation of the market value follows standardised German valuation approaches. Depending on the respective property type, either the sales comparison method, the cost method, or the income method is used.

In Germany, valuation reports based on the existing national legal standards are usually prepared for tax or accounting purposes. In addition, they are used in sales and purchase processes or the financing of real estate. Furthermore, German courts and authorities require national market value reports in order to process inheritance and property disputes, as well as other litigations.

Our national market value reports are prepared by valuers with the required knowledge and qualifications.

A Mortgage Lending Value Report is a formal valuation report prepared in accordance with the provisions of the German Regulation on the Determination of the Mortgage Lending Value (Beleihungswertermittlungsverordnung, BelWertV). The report contains detailed descriptions, comprehensible calculations, transparent explanations, and a comprehensive photo documentation. In addition to the mortgage lending value, the market value is an integral part of the expert opinion.

Mortgage lending valuations are required by German mortgage banks in order to issue covered bonds (Pfandbriefe) as a means of refinancing. Clients are typically German banks, savings banks, and building societies, which make lending decisions based on the valuation report.

The calculation of the mortgage value is usually prepared with the valuation software Lora. Our mortgage lending reports are prepared by valuers who hold the CIS HypZert (F) certificate, which is required by many German banks and savings banks.

A rental value report determines the market rent for a rental unit and documents its condition.

Rental value reports are usually required in disputes between a landlord and a tenant. Rental prices of comparable properties are researched on the basis of transaction databases. Other sources, such as local rent indexes or market reports, further underpin the results of the research.

A rental value report provides a reliable basis for landlords, tenants, and courts for the assessment of the market rent.

Our rental value reports are prepared by valuers with the required market knowledge and qualifications.


Real estate advisory is another important part of our core business. Taking into account the specific issue at hand and the requirements of our clients, we develop individual strategies and identify appropriate solutions for the respective assignment. We provide our advisory services for example in the context of sales and purchases or to support decision-making processes of property owners, users, project developers, or banks.

With our expert advice on the planning and controlling of the sales process, we support our clients in achieving the highest possible sales proceeds. Our in-depth market knowledge, our proximity to the market, our well established professional network and our experience with national and international market participants enable us to identify the most suitable purchaser groups.

In the context of acquisition processes, we facilitate optimum results by developing coherent and convincing negotiation arguments for our clients. Our advisory and due diligence services are provided for individual property purchases as well as real estate portfolio transactions.

Within the scope of ongoing real estate management, we assist property owners with comprehensive real estate and market analyses for the preparation or review of business plans. In doing so, we reveal existing optimization potential in our clients’ portfolios and provide advice on the implementation of corresponding measures.

We advise real estate users in their decision-making processes or support them in preparing and conducting negotiations, e.g. when concluding or extending leases. We further support our clients with the analysis of options, for example in the context of relocations or the adaptation of real estate to changing requirements.

Other examples of our advisory services include the assessment of third party reports, the determination and monitoring of construction progress, or the assessment of construction costs. We also advise project developers on the economic assessment of planned construction projects.