All partners and employees have the necessary qualifications to provide competent advice to our discerning clients. Depending on the individual requirements, our valuations are prepared by a RICS Registered Valuer, a Certified Real Estate Valuer (CIS HypZert), or a publicly appointed and sworn-in valuation expert (ö.b.u.v. SV).

Ongoing education and continuous supervision by the competent chambers, certification bodies, and associations ensure a high professional quality.

RICS Chartered Surveyor
RICS Registered Valuer

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the world’s most important professional association of the real estate industry. The association was founded in 1868 and currently has approximately 125,000 members. Within the German real estate sector, the RICS is one of the leading professional associations.

The RICS advises its members on all real estate issues and creates high professional and ethical standards. The RICS’ objective is to create enhanced professionalism and transparency within the real estate industry. Its main tasks include education and training, real estate research and the promotion of the profession.

Condition for a RICS membership is the successful completion of an accredited academic degree course as well as passing the Assessment of Professional Competence.

Chartered Surveyors are committed to continuous professional development. They are also subject to the association’s Rules of Conduct and recognized globally for their professionalism, integrity, and ethical standards. In addition, they represent internationality and competence in all sectors of the real estate industry.

Our partners are RICS Registered Valuers and thus certified experts in the specialist field of property valuation. By registering, we have committed to openness, transparency, and delivering top quality valuation reports that comply with international standards.

Certified Real Estate Valuer
CIS HypZert

Since 1996, HypZert certifies real estate valuers according to internationally recognized criteria. In order to achieve certification, valuers must have a high level of professional education, as well as long-standing experience in the real estate industry.

The obligation for continuous professional development and to re-prove the specialist knowledge every five years as part of a recertification examination create confidence in the expertise of the valuer. The certificates of HypZert thus ensure quality, transparency and comparability.

S-certificates qualify for the valuation of standard real estate, while the F-certification also includes complex commercial and specialised real estate. There are also certifications for properties located in foreign countries (M) and appraisers located outside of Germany (MLV).

The HypZert certifications are recognized by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). For this reason, German banks usually commission HypZert certified valuers. Furthermore, the valuation reports of a certified expert are accepted by German tax authorities, e.g. for proofing a lower fair value in connection with the determination of inheritance tax and gift tax.

HypZert valuers are also qualified to carry out valuations for accounting purposes in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS).

Publicly Appointed and Sworn-In Valuation Expert

A publicly appointed and sworn-in expert is appointed and sworn-in on a legal basis by a German public body. In addition to the required knowledge and expertise, the expert’s education, his long-standing professional experience, as well as his personal integrity are examined. Accordingly, the expert must prove his special expertise to a board of examiners to become publicly appointed.

The public appointment and swearing-in certifies that the expert is particularly qualified in a specific field of expertise, such as the valuation of real estate. This includes the assessment of land and buildings, as well as related rights and encumbrances.

After having passed the exam, the publicly appointed and sworn-in expert is under constant supervision of state commissioned appointing bodies, such as the Chambers of Industry and Commerce. Valuations of a publicly appointed and sworn-in expert thus enjoy a particularly high level of credibility.

The purpose of the public appointment is to provide courts, public authorities and the general public with highly knowledgeable and personally qualified experts whose statements are particularly credible. The German codes of procedure therefore require that local courts primarily appoint publicly appointed and sworn-in experts.

By commissioning a publicly appointed and sworn-in expert, clients thus receive additional security for their decisions.